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2.00 per minute with a 10 minute minimum.

Nicole Perez


You get 20 high quality nude pictures of me. Lots of shower and dildo play. Only 14.99

Hey there guys. Are you looking for awesome phone sex? Of course you are. Well I take phone fucking very seriously. It also helps that love what I do. I understand that each caller is different with specific needs. If your shy, that's ok. I'll do my best to probe you with my sexdar to try to make the experience our own.

I am unique in the way that I can switch it up in all sorts of ways. I love to be that nasty skank whore that you call at 3am when you struck out at the clubs, or when your wife is out of town. I dont mind being your holla-back girl.

I also love being your bad ass Accomplice! Lets get in the van with the tinted windows and let's go see what kind of trouble we can getaway with.

I must admit, I absolutely love perverts! I love teasing you guys. I know you see me when i walk down your street after school. You must fantasize a million ways on how you can get me into your house. If only you had the nerve, the balls. But you don't. So you stay hidden behind your curtains jerking your stiff hard cock as my sweet pussy just keeps walking down your street. You'll get me next time you say.

Next time......


nasty nicole
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